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See Tech More Clearly helps explain and simplify your life.

Technology should simply enable you to do things in life more easily. Using it should not be daunting or complicated and you may even enjoy it. Click here to see the services we provide.

It used to be simple. You probably had a landline telephone and perhaps a computer that connected to the Internet and provided you with one email address, documents and photos.

Today you probably have at least one mobile device, and you are probably trying to use multiple devices to access similar sets of information. For example browsing the Internet on a phone or tablet and perhaps a computer, managing email and responding to apps on different devices, or streaming music or media such as television catch up services. You may now be taking more photos with your phone than you used to take with a camera, and you like to be able to have the photos available across your devices.

Larger companies try to make things easier, but it gets very confusing when Microsoft, Google and Apple all provide email addresses, contacts lists, photo apps, cloud storage, and other services.

For nearly 15 years our proprietor, Graham Hardy, has been assisting clients to make the most out of their technology. Focusing on Microsoft’s Windows operating systems but also working with Apple, Android, and Amazon Fire devices, See Tech More Clearly helps streamline services and link devices together to allow them to work in tandem, considering functionality, privacy, security and ease of use.

For example an elderly client in Dorset had an old Windows computer, a new Android phone, and an ancient Apple iPad tablet. Each device used a different browser and accessing email using three different apps was very confusing. After assistance from See Tech More Clearly his iPad was sold and an easy to use Amazon Fire Tablet was bought in its place, his computer was upgraded to Windows 10 and his phone and tablet updated so that the same browser, email app and cloud storage service was used across each device, along with the same PIN number to access everything, whilst maintaining security and privacy choices between Windows, Android/Google and Amazon.

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